My Response Time


Delayed but here

I am working diligently to assist clients and prospects with their insurance and investment needs.  As I am abiding by the stay at home order my response time will be delayed.  In a short period of time I have become  a teacher and a short order cook (do your kids eat this much?).  The fastest way to actually get a hold of me is by email.  Please note: trade instructions cannot be emailed.  If you need to make a trade; please call  the investment company directly.

Immediate need?

If you need immediate assistance please call your investment company or insurance company's customer service department.  

Life Insurance & Covid-19


Express Underwriting

 I have been asked in light of the COVID-19 virus what effect it will have on life insurance underwriting.  There are ways to streamline this process  as many A-rated insurance companies offer express or simplified underwriting.  This involves a telephone interview but no blood exam or nurse evaluation (no human contact).  This process is the simplest and safest way to apply for life insurance for yourself and loved ones over  the near future. 


How do I start?

Email at   I'll get some basic information from you and start the application.

How much coverage can I get?

The amount ranges from company to company but it's from $500,000 to $3,000,000.

Is it the same as normal underwriting?

Yes and no.  If you're healthy and your answers to health questions don't lead to any follow up then the policy is issued and it's the same price as normal underwriting.  If your answers lead to follow ups or a blood requirement then you are actually put into the "normal" process of underwriting.

Loss of Health Insurance


60 Day Special Enrollment Period

If you have lost your health insurance from being furloughed or loss of employment you are eligible for a 60 day period to sign up for an individual health insurance plan.  If you would like to discuss your options please email me at with a description of your situation.