Life and Health Insurance


Life Insurance

It's the worst case scenario where you or a loved one doesn't make it home.  How would you pay for your mortgage, education costs or even just putting food on the table?  Should you buy a term, cash value, whole life?   Contact us for a variety of options and have a discussion to find out what's important for you, your legacy and your family.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance is one of the most important insurance plans for many Americans yet the least purchased.  The longer you live and healthier you are actually increases your need for this coverage.  Women are twice as likely to use it.  You have options: see the difference between a stand-alone policy and as a LTC Rider on Life Insurance.


Are you turning 65 or have you had your Medicare plan for a decade? It doesn't matter: a comprehensive review of your Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan could provide a savings to your budget.  Do you know what California's birthday rule is?  You should.  Are you tired of not having a doctor or hospital in your network?  You can change to a different plan.

Health Insurance

It's been years but many people still are confused by the rules of the Affordable Care Act.  We work with health insurance companies directly, Cal Choice and Covered California for both individual and small group coverage.  

Disability Insurance

 What would you do if you suffered an accident or illness and couldn’t work for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years?  Do you work in a specialty and want the assurance that your career is covered?  Offering Short Term and Long Term Disability Coverage. 

Cigar and Marijuana Smokers

Did you know that some companies will give Marijuana users and Cigar Smokers a non-smoker rating?That can be upwards of a 40% savings from a smoker rating.  I work with multiple A rated companies that will give non-smoker rates to these applicants.


*Offered through unaffiliated third party insurers